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For your business to thrive, you must offer the best service to your customers, and to do that, you must meet tight Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Customer expectations are growing every day, and the need to keep them running 24/7 is only getting more strenuous. 

If your field service organization, like most, is struggling to keep up, this is likely due to the lack of inventory visibility into the final mile. This is where companies are losing money and customers because they lose sight of critical inventory that needs to be readily available for the right technician at the time of service.

“Since introducing ByBox we’ve saved 9% on our fuel emissions and 9% on the mileage engineers drive each year. We have also increased workforce utilisation by 6%.”

Head of Service Operations (NRTS), Telent

Can you promise your customers the best SLA they can get? You can with ByBox.

Most companies are struggling with the same inventory challenges, but if you fill the inventory gap you will beat your competition every time. ByBox provides the solution to give you visibility, security, and intelligence in the final mile so that you can increase customer satisfaction, get a first-time fix, and meet tight SLAs.  

By adding ByBox to your portfolio you can: 

Save on costs

Eliminate the need of costly premium overnight and same-day deliveries.  

Achieve better first-time fix rates

No lost or missing parts means that jobs can be completed the first time, every time. 

Gain visibility and control inventory

Critical parts are no longer lost in goods-in areas or sent to the wrong location. Parts are always visible in a secure location with tracking in and out. 

Grow your business

Grow with a new competitive advantage by being able to offer tighter SLAs than your competition. 

Improve engineer productivity

Eliminating lost or misplaced parts and ensuring part availability reduces time wasted by engineers. 

Optimize inventory

By placing inventory where it’s needed and dramatically reducing truck stock, you have the parts you need when you need them. 

Increase customer satisfaction

When you improve your FTF rate and meet tight SLAs, you keep your customers happy and increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

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