Redefining the strategic significance of your field service

Putting customers first

Every service moment is an opportunity to solve, optimize, and delight… or fail and leave an opening for competitors to exploit. We believe that companies can operate faster, more efficiently, and provide the right first time fix to real-world problems with the right technology and logistics solutions.

We’re proud of the hundreds of blue-chip businesses we work with. They play a vital role in repairing and replacing the technology upon which modern businesses rely. While you’re busy transforming the world, ByBox provides the modern field service inventory management that can transform your field service and ensure you always get the right parts, in the right place, at the right time.

The ByBox solution

Our technology evolves as the world does, and we’ve come a long way from our original offer of mechanical lock boxes that secure distributed inventory. While these lock boxes still play an important role in field service inventory management, the full ByBox solution today provides the right mix of software, logistics expertise, smart lockers and forward stock locations (FSLs) to ensure the right parts arrive at your field service edge in time – supercharging your supply chain so it becomes a key business advantage.

For our clients, a unique combination of software and expertise from ByBox has fast become the final word when it comes to field service inventory distribution and reverse logistics.

ByBox by the numbers

ByBox has more than 1,900 field inventory sites, with 40,000+ secure locations. We deliver 30 million items per year, with 99.7% delivery on time*. ByBox operates in 31 countries.

*Data from December 2019