Return parts from the field

Optimize your inventory with an effective returns solution

Return Items

Optimize your inventory with an effective returns solution

Unused parts may be kept in a van ‘just in case they’re needed’ alongside broken parts that need to be disposed of. This build-up of inventory not only traps vital stock and working capital but also drives new stock orders and increases the likelihood of further damage.

However, a simple and efficient returns process can deliver multiple benefits, including immediately visible field stock, fast-tracked repairs, compliant disposal, or timely warranty claims. ByBox can give you visibility and control of your returns from the field service edge.

Return items when it’s convenient

Using the same secure field locations, technicians can return items when it’s convenient for them. Using the ByBox app returns can be scanned and may also be graded so that they can be returned to stock or send for repair. If the part is being returned to stock then it could be held in the field and become immediately visible to other technicians or dispatchers. Alternatively, it could be returned to a central stock location ready for the next job. This simple returns process frees trapped inventory, improving parts availability whilst reducing costs.

“We value having such an easy returns process for our engineers to follow. This has allowed cost savings in terms of productivity, as well as reducing engineer mileage and drive time.”

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