Master Spare Parts Management with Onsite Stores

In construction and facilities management, having timely access to essential parts and spares is vital for maintaining project timelines. A shortage of key items or the absence of necessary spares for repairs at critical moments can delay projects and maintenance activity by days or even weeks.

A growing trend in spare parts management is the use of onsite stores. These can be as basic as a shed or shipping container, yet they house all the necessary components for a build. This strategy not only provides backup for maintenance tasks but also ensures the availability of essential parts, keeping construction projects running smoothly and on schedule.

But often, these stores are difficult to manage and inventory levels difficult to control and maintain. The real power of this solution comes when spare parts stores are managed by a stock management system like ByBox’s Konnect. Konnect covers everything from access control to replenishment and helps reduce costs. You know exactly who has accessed the store, and when, as well as what parts they’ve consumed to complete the job.

Here’s a closer look at why technologically enabled onsite stores are a game-changer for construction firms and procurement teams alike.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime is major obstacle for any construction project. By having an onsite store stocked with essential spare parts, you can significantly reduce interruptions. Immediate access means no more waiting for parts to be delivered, the items you need are right there on site, ready to be used when required.

Cost-Effective Solution

Managing costs is crucial for profitability in construction. Onsite stores offer a cost-effective approach by reducing the need for expensive, last-minute same day deliveries, as parts are readily available onsite. Additionally, stocking an onsite store allows for bulk purchasing, which often comes with cost savings.

Improved Accountability and Inventory Management

Keeping track of parts can be difficult, but having an onsite store with controlled access makes it a lot easier. With centralised tech enabled storage, it’s simple to keep an eye on usage and cut down on lost or misplaced items. Good inventory management comes from knowing exactly what’s in stock, so you can avoid both over-ordering and running out of essential parts.

Automatic Stock Replenishment

One of the most significant advantages of Konnect onsite stores is the ability to automatically replenish stock. This ensures continuous availability of essential parts, as they are automatically restocked as needed. Plus, the automation makes the whole ordering process easier, saving you time and effort.

Technology Integration

Technology makes onsite stores even more efficient. With inventory tracking systems, you can spot trends in part usage easily and order more ahead of time. Plus, integrating with procurement platforms can streamline the ordering process, making it quick and easy to replenish stock.


Incorporating onsite stores for spare parts management is a forward-thinking strategy that offers numerous benefits for construction and FM firms. By reducing downtime, cutting costs and enhancing accountability, these stores contribute to more efficient and timely project completion.

In the competitive world of construction and FM, having the right parts at the right time is invaluable. Onsite stores provide a practical and efficient solution that helps keep projects on track and within budget.

Konnect offers state-of-the-art solutions for managing onsite stores, tailored to meet the unique needs of the construction industry.

Our shipping container solution is perfect for modular, secure storage. It offers unmatched flexibility for a variety of uses including holding inventory and access is controlled through the Konnect app. It’s adaptable and quick to set up, so it fits right into your business location.

Curious about how Konnect stores can transform your spare parts management? Get in touch.

Martin Cheeseman – Strategic Development Director