Seamless Last Mile for Data Centers

The Last Mile Is a Challenge Facing Most Data Centers

The last mile can be the most non-secure and complicated part of the supply chain. Drivers want to drop off their package and get onto the next job, the recipient is usually busy, and many things can go wrong. Parts are not handed off for time-critical jobs, vital spares go missing, and tools are rarely dropped off where they’re needed.

In most cases, the last mile is the only part of the supply chain process which nobody has direct control over. As customer expectations grow, supply chains have become adept at tracking stock, moving it quickly, and getting it delivered on time; yet when items arrive at their final location they often disappear. The field service software you have invested in doesn’t take you all the way through the final mile or give you the visibility you need.

Data centers are one of the world’s most important industries. As the pace of technology growth continues, keeping the systems in these buildings running as smoothly as possible is crucial.

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