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When the world’s most advanced field service organizations need secured lockers for the delivery and storage of critical field inventory, they turn to ByBox.

Whether it’s an MRI machine, a credit card terminal, or a data center that powers the Internet, when critical equipment needs repair, ByBox ensures the right parts reach the right people at the right time and place.

Become a site host today and join the leading network that supports vital businesses as they serve your friends and neighbors.

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Our locker hosts make it possible

From hospitals to grocery stores and factories, the organizations that keep your community working depend on vital equipment. When vital equipment fails, work stops until it’s back online.

Our customers depend on ByBox lockers to ensure repairs can be made in hours instead of days. And we depend on our network of site hosts to ensure those lockers are close enough to supported customer sites to fulfill that mission.

With more than 40,000 lockers in 31 countries, our site hosts ensure the world’s vital organizations keep serving their communities.

Benefits of Being A Site Host

Support your local community by helping to keep crucial services running

Generate recurring revenue from space that would have otherwise been unused

Sites will benefit from increased foot traffic

There will be no disruption to your core business

All equipment is installed, owned, and maintained by ByBox at no cost to you

No power is required as the locker is powered by batteries

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of industries use these lockers?

Lockers are used by several different industries that require spare parts to be closer to the required repair location, such as manufacturing, technology, and facility management companies.

How do I get paid and how frequently?

Site hosts get paid quarterly using ACH deposits. The payment schedule starts when the locker is installed and is pro-rate and paid out on calendar quarters.

Do I need planning permission?

Locker regulations vary by city and county. Often, no additional permissions are needed. Where permissions are required, ByBox works with the relevant authorities to secure those permissions. We even have experience helping local authorities update their regulations to implement best practice protections for locker installations.

How do you determine if my site is suitable?

ByBox will work with you to determine if there is a location that is suitable to meet the installation criteria. In addition, ByBox conducts both a virtual assessment as well as a site assessment for your approval.

Do you need access to external utilities (power, water, or gas)?

No. The locker is powered by batteries and no external utilities are required.

Who would I contact if I had an issue with my locker?

Our dedicated support team will be able to help you with any locker issues. Details will be provided once the locker is installed.