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Right place, right time

Field Service is a booming industry performing a vital function; keeping today’s technology, infrastructure and machinery running. There are an estimated 20 million field service engineers working today and this number is growing rapidly.

Success depends on an engineer’s ability to complete each job quickly and efficiently. Ready access to parts that are close to them is critical to providing a great customer experience and meet service level agreements. ByBox’s smart lockers and technology provide a modern solution to this field service challenge.

Lockers are the solution

ByBox strategically locate lockers in areas that are convenient for engineers and deliver crucial spare parts into them. This means engineers spend less time picking up parts and more time helping customers.

We’re expanding our network to meet customer demand and are always happy to hear from owners interested in hosting our lockers.

Benefits for host partners:

  • Once installed, our smart lockers can generate recurring revenue from space that would have otherwise been unused
  • Sites will benefit from increased foot traffic
  • Simple and non-disruptive installation
  • No power is required as the locker is powered by batteries

Premier inn case study

Premier Inn is the UK’s largest hotel brand with 800 locations across the UK, Ireland and Germany. ByBox are currently carrying out a UK-wide locker installation programme at Premier Inn sites, targeting an initial 100 sites with the potential to make Premier Inn one of our largest UK host partners.

Field engineers collecting their parts from ByBox lockers at Premier Inn benefit from highly convenient sites, with parking and the added benefit of accommodation, food or drinks.

Read the full case study

Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid and how frequently?

Site hosts get paid quarterly via BACS or Bank Transfer. We would agree the payment schedule with you once our locker is installed.

Do I need planning permission?

No, the lockers are considered as freestanding temporary structures and therefore, don’t need planning permission.

How do you determine if my site is suitable?

A surveyor would be sent to the site in advance of the install to verify suitability.

Do you need access to external utilities (power, water or gas)?

No. The locker is powered by batteries and no external utilities are required.

Who would I contact if I had an issue with my locker

Our dedicated support team will be able to help you with any locker issues. Details will be provided once the locker is installed.