Uniting teams to deliver critical business outcomes


Every service moment is an opportunity to solve, optimise, and delight

Customers increasingly demand higher service levels, and in critical industries, these demands have never been higher. These service levels ensure that companies with a strong service offer to stand out, while others may struggle and leave an opening for their competitors to exploit. This can be seen in the investment companies continue to make in field service management systems. However, transformative change also requires modernisation of the associated field inventory management approaches, and for this to be successful, field service, operations, supply chain and central functions (e.g. Finance) need to unite if they’re to achieve lasting success.

Each function has its own objectives and drivers however a common goal is on delivering a great customer experience supported with high levels of customer satisfaction. Cost is also a driver, not least because old inventory approaches are falling apart at the edge, driving excess costs across field service, operations, inventory, and supply chain teams. Additionally, revenue is also likely to be at risk in companies with lower customer satisfaction measures.

Field Service

Improve field inventory visibility and control to increase customer satisfaction

With 34% of executives citing field inventory visibility as a top challenge this is fast becoming an organisational risk and one that can drive significant increased costs as well as threatening existing revenue streams. Modernising your field inventory management provides invaluable visibility and control over your parts in the field. The benefits of which can be directly linked to increased levels of customer satisfaction.

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No nonsense access to critical parts to keep customers running

With 51% of first-time fix failures due to part unavailability, the lack of sufficient visibility and control has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, technician productivity and on your costs. Transforming your field inventory management gives vital visibility and control to your teams in the field, allowing them to locate and pick-up the parts they need to complete a first-time fix. This approach allows you to optimize your resources and deliver a great customer experience simply and consistently.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Ensuring on-time part availability in the field

With over 40% of supply chain delivery costs incurred in the final mile, this remains a critical part of a much wider and complex operation. However, to deliver customer satisfaction field teams need on-time access to parts, without this additional urgent orders are placed which add additional work to warehouse and distribution teams. Modernising your field inventory approaches delivers greater predictability with visibility of parts in the field and regular replenishment cycles which dramatically reduce expedited orders and the operational overheads that come with them. This allows you to boost on-time part availability and reduce the volume of unplanned urgent orders

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Hubbard Case Study

Hubbard Products Ltd is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of commercial cooling equipment and has earned a global reputation for innovation and design-led excellence. Hubbard is also the sector leader in cellar conditioning, being the UK’s first Carbon Trust Approved supplier. We helped Hubbard hit demanding SLAs and increase the speed […]

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Vision Unique Equipment Case Study

Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) are industry leaders in fleet risk management solutions. Their vehicle hardware has been developed over the 20 years they have been working in the field, and their easy-to-use software systems give organisations quick insights that inform preventative maintenance decisions, minimising the time that vehicles are off the road. ByBox helped VUE […]

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WPD Smart Metering

Western Power Distribution (WPD) Smart Metering work with businesses across the UK, providing metering solutions to help them manage their energy effectively. We helped WPD Smart Metering improve their returns process and increase the productivity of their engineers by introducing our secure locker network.

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