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Improving field inventory visibility and control to increase customer satisfaction

Field inventory management that increases customer satisfaction

Despite continued investment in Field Service Management systems and practices, field service teams still don’t feel in control at the field service edge. This loss of control leads to missing parts, expedited orders, delayed jobs and frustrated customers. Much of this is due to the field inventory modernisation gap which is highlighted by the fact that 51% of first-time-fix failures are due to part unavailability.

Successful Field Service teams are focusing on modernising their field inventory management by adding visibility and control to the field service edge, not only making life easier but also delivering an enhanced customer experience that increases customer satisfaction but also differentiates them from their competition.

Make your job easier by adding inventory visibility and control to the final mile

When you transform your final mile by adding visibility and control over the parts in the field you immediately improve the customer experience. It not only makes your life easier, but it allows you to offer an enhanced customer experience that also differentiates you from your competition.

Would you like to reduce:

  • Customers calling to complain?
  • Missed SLAs?
  • Unattainable First Time Fix?
  • Missing critical parts?
  • Unproductive engineers?
  • Wasted money on premium deliveries?

With ByBox, you can increase customer satisfaction and improve the way you work.

“The end-to-end solutions ByBox provide have greatly enhanced the services Vital Power bring to the smart metering industry” Director, Vital Power Services

Field Service Technicians and Engineers

Make your life easier and your job better

With ByBox, you can increase your productivity so that you can do what you do best, helping customers with a First Time Fix and meeting tight SLAs.

ByBox enables you to boost:

  • Quick part pickup and return at a time that’s convenient for you
  • Reduced truck stock so that you don’t have to keep carrying parts around with you
  • Time saved with our easy-to-use app to access secure locations for parts and tracking
  • Less drive time so you can get the job done and stop driving around looking for what you need.
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Field Service Manager

Improve your team’s productivity and metrics

Showing that your team is always improving is important to all managers. Having the right solutions to meet and exceed your KPIs is key. ByBox Edge3 ensures that you can streamline your field service process in the final mile so that you can exceed your metrics and prove to upper management that your team is key to business success.

With ByBox you can boost:

  • Part availability by gaining visibility to your inventory
  • Customer satisfaction by meeting tight SLAs
  • Service uptime by improving the First Time Fix Rate
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Field Service Directors / VP

Better manage your organization with tools to strategically improve your final mile

You probably have a Field Service Management system or ERP, but these solutions fall short when you are managing inventory in the field. Inventory shrinkage can be as high as 10% every year, proving that it’s not practical for large companies to try to maintain inventory in your technicians’ trucks or vans. By adding ByBox Edge3 to your tech stack, you can show how your field service organization can be a key business differentiator.

ByBox ensures you can boost:

  • Budget accuracy and alignment
  • Best-in-class SLA performance
  • Engineer productivity
  • Successful First Time Fix Rate
  • Sustainability (emission and waste) reductions.
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Guide: Quickly Improve 5 of the Top Field Service KPIs

Most field service companies track 12 standard KPIs to measure performance. Many have taken steps to improve their performance by deploying field service software systems. Now companies are looking for an advanced level of improvement to save more time and money, and better serve their customers. Chances are that your company is in the same situation.

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