Our process

Your journey to modernised field services

Our process

Every customer is different and every challenge is unique.

Our eight-step process ensures you see the best of ByBox while working closely to design a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

1. Meet us

You’ve sent us your information so what is the first step? First, we’d like to start a conversation to understand your current pain points and needs. We do this so we can be sure our solution is a good fit for your business and to bring in the correct ByBox resources to help determine the right solution.

2. Discovery

Once we understand your basic pain-points we use our discovery process to dive deeper. We will walk through your key field service processes including those including assets and parts. We will ask you in-depth questions and will want to understand the “who” and the “what” before we start designing the “how”.

3. Personalised demo

This is where we take what we have learned about your pain points and tailor a demo of our solution so you can see first-hand how ByBox could be a fit. We will do this in person or via video conference whichever you prefer.

4. Proposal

Once we have identified the best solution for your processes and workflows, we will propose a solution. This will include all three of the components that make up our solution: Konnect secure locations, Konnect mobile apps and Konnect HQ. We will even include a business case with an ROI analysis so you don’t have to prepare one.

5. Pilot

To reduce your risk. We generally start with a pilot of our full solution so you can see how well the ByBox solutions work without a full implementation. Our goal is for you to be successful and if anything needs to be modified or tweaked, we will take care of that during the pilot.

6. Formalise our partnership

Once you are ready to implement our solution across your business, it’s time to sign a contract to make things official and welcome you into the ByBox family!

7. Program management and rollout

To make sure everything goes smoothly we will launch a rollout program where you will meet our core support team members and partners who will make your implementation successful. We will work with you to install the secure locations, install and train your team members and support you every step of the way.

8. Support

You will have access to our best-in-class global support team. They are here to ensure you fully utilize our solution and help you be successful through every stage of this process.