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Field service inventory management for data centres

Whether it’s the need for automation, remote working technologies, improved networks, or data-driven monitoring you know data centre uptime is critical to the changing world. As the world continues to transform, you need to be ready to transform and grow with it.

Top data centres are required to meet Service Level Agreements, increase engineer productivity, and keep customers happy.

Data centres are required to run 24/7 with little to no downtime and extremely tight SLAs. The only way you can do this is by putting critical parts closer to your customer site. Sound impossible? It’s not.

“We have worked with ByBox for many years now and their services have evolved with us to ensure that we continually provide innovative solutions for our customers”. Logistics Manager, Unisys

What if you could offer your customers 1-hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Your competitors are offering their customers these types of SLAs. And so can you.

You can transform your field service delivery, return, and inventory management by extending intelligence, visibility, and security to the field service edge (last mile) so that critical parts are always in the right place at right time. Only ByBox empowers companies to turn any space into a secure site for staging critical parts at the edge, optimising inventory placement, and delivery speed while eliminating premium delivery costs. You can optimise the last mile of service delivery while providing customers with a competitive advantage for growth.

How it works

1) Keep or deliver critical parts at secure locations at or near the customer site so that you can eliminate expensive overnight delivery costs.

2) Engineers collect their parts from secure locations.

3) You will also know exactly who has picked up the part(s), when the pickup took place, and which part was collected through the easy-to-use app.

4) The engineer completes their jobs for the day and any return parts are placed back in the secure location for collection or the next job.

By adding ByBox to your portfolio you can:

Achieve better first-time fix rates

No lost or missing parts means that jobs can be completed the first time, everytime.

Gain visibility and control inventory

Critical parts are no longer lost in goods-in areas or sent to the wrong part of the building. Parts are always visible in a secure location with tracking in and out.

Reduce logistics costs

By removing the need for expensive premium deliveries and providing a 24/7 fixed delivery point.

Improve engineer productivity

Eliminating lost or misplaced parts and ensuring part availability reduces time wasted by engineers.

Optimise inventory

By placing inventory where it’s needed and dramatically reducing truck stock, you have the parts you need when you need them.

Increase customer satisfaction

When you improve your FTF rate and meet tight SLAs, you keep your customers happy and increase your Net Promoter Score.

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