Reducing Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety

With Locker Delivery


Reducing electric vehicle range anxiety through locker delivery

With advances in Electric Vehicle technology and charge points becoming more prevalent, many companies are considering moving to an electric fleet. Not only is it better for the planet, but it is also more economical, with greatly reduced fuel costs leading to big savings.

However, range anxiety often deters field service companies who must carry heavy equipment loads. While estimates vary, carrying cargo can reduce an EV’s range by 14-70%, and unlike petrol vehicles, long recharge times lead to costly downtime.

Fortunately, you need not choose between an electric fleet and an efficient field service operation. By adopting a just-in-time delivery model with ByBox lockers, companies can minimise in-van inventory to only what is needed per day. Return parts can also be dropped at lockers rather than adding weight while awaiting collection. This streamlined system boosts electric range considerably.