Introducing ByBox Community – Your New Hub for Customer Service

We are delighted to introduce ByBox Community, our new online platform that centralises all your ByBox customer service needs. This platform is designed to give you the best support experience possible meaning you can focus on what matters most – running your business.

Benefits of ByBox community:

  • Centralised Ticket Management

ByBox Community offers a unified space where you can manage all your support tickets. This feature enables you to understand support across your entire team effortlessly.

  • Efficient Communication Methods

Streamline your communications with faster and more effective interactions with our support team.

  • Quick & Easy Access to Knowledge

Access our knowledge base directly from the platform. Find answers to your questions swiftly without the need to wait for support.

  • Use Workflows to Ensure Complete Information

Our intelligent workflows guide you through common issues to provide all necessary information upfront, reducing back-and-forth emails and speeding up issue resolution.

  • Reduce Email Traffic

ByBox Community significantly reduces the volume of email traffic. Manage your support needs within the platform, freeing up your inbox for other priorities.

  • Tickets Directed to the Right Teams Quicker

Our system ensures that your tickets are routed to the correct teams promptly, minimising delays and ensuring faster problem resolution.

We are confident that ByBox Community will enhance your customer service experience and bring significant improvements to your daily operations, and we look forward to you giving it a try.

To get started with ByBox Community, simply message your Account Manager. They will guide you through the setup process and answer any questions you may have.