Logistics partners

The backbone of successful field service operations

Successful field service teams rely on agile and efficient logistics teams to operate accurately and deliver on time. ByBox has worked closely with logistics partners since its inception to meet customers’ needs for solutions that marry technology, inventory and logistics. There are two common, but different scenarios where we work with logistics partners.

Supporting ByBox field service operations

Some customers outsource their field inventory logistics to ByBox, including collecting parts from the customers warehouse and delivering them to the field service edge and returning unused or broken parts. To deliver these solutions we work with trusted logistics partners to collect parts, trunk consignments between our sites or to drop-off and pick-up parts from our secure field locations. We have logistics partners in the UK, EMEA and North America. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about becoming an ByBox logistics partner.

Co-selling with ByBox

Where customers wish operate their field service logistics with a selected partner then ByBox can provide the technology and secure location access with either a ‘sell-with’ or ‘sell-through’ approach. However, given the importance of the field service experience new scenarios are arising where logistics partners and ByBox can collaborate to address new customer needs or to resolve long-standing issues.

With a host of regional, national and international logistics companies as customers we understand the needs of both end customers and logistics partners. Together we can increase the visibility and control of parts in the field.